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Mom's Gifts  Cancer Information








to those who've lost the fight

against Cancer



God saw that you were tired,

and a cure was not to be.

So he put his arms around you,

and whispered ," Come to me".

With tearful eyes we watched you,

and saw you pass away.

Although we loved you dearly

we could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,

hard working hands at  rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us,

he only takes the best.



Have you lost someone to Cancer?

Would you like their name added??

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I will publish it as soon as I can make the graphic.


I finally completed Children's Cancer Memorial. Parents whose child is added here with a special graphic, will find their Children listed there as well.  All the Graphics were made by me, especially for Children and I believe,  in good taste. Please visit and spread the word. Lets make the Children's Cancer Memorial a place 

of healing.

A gift of the heart  is available to those without dedication sites. 

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