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The Early Years Continued............................

Mom was hysterical, her heart was thrown out of rhythm and she refused medical care. I had to call the family and friends. I had to handle all the little details. Called Mom's Doctors and got her an Anti-depressant and watched her like a hawk until family started arriving. I also handled Sis's funeral arrangements.

Mom stayed depressed for a long time after Sis died, we all took it hard but Mom gave up for a while. She was in and out of Hospitals and her Heart Condition got steadily worse.

Later that year Mom condition deteriorated until Open Heart Surgery was the only thing we could do to keep her alive. The family made the decision for her, she was unconscious most of the time. Even then the Doctors gave low odds because of the Coumadin she took for years.

Mom had 5 bypasses and a blowout. Recovery was real bad for us because a machine was doing everything for her, breathing and she looked dead. The only thing that moved were her eyes, but awareness was there for the first time in weeks.

It took Mom a year to recover from heart surgery, a year in which she had to have around the clock care. The family took over those duties, myself included. I enjoyed taking care of Mom and we became very close. Best friends even.

Once she was fully recovered , she had more energy than 10 people. She could out shop me, out eat me and out sneak me. We would eat lunch in a different place every month. Play tricks on each other and the family. She started Bass fishing seriously by this time and I would spend time fishing with her or just sitting and talking while she fished. She became known as the Fishing Lady, if anyone wanted to know anything about what bait to use or where the good spots were, they were sent to Mom. She could catch a bass on a empty hook she was so good at it.( She did keep the best spot secret).

In time the pain of Sis's death faded. Life resumed but Mom never drove a car again and depended on me more than she used to. I would drive her everywhere she wanted to go.

I should mention here that on the morning Sis's death was discovered , Mom's sister had a severe heart attack, and we kept it from Mom and we didn't tell Mom's sister about Sis, Not for a couple of weeks, the news would have killed them both.


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